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SunShine Paper Company WeedGuardPlus / weedguardplus

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Erosion Control Materials, Microbial Cleaning Products: Drain Maintenance Products, Mulch

100% Biodegradable weed barrier mulch. Made from cellulose fibers. 100% Opaque - this blocks light and thus prevents weeds from growing. WeedGuard is a natural chemical free herbicide and eliminates the risks to humans and the environment from use of hazardous and toxic chemical herbicides. Porous to air and water to allow nutrients to get to the plants. WeedGuardPlus® is an eco-effective weed controlling vegetable and flower growing mulch which decomposes as the season progresses and does not require removal, incineration or disposal, Any remaining material at the end of the growing season can be tilled or disc into the soil. Unlike plastic mulch which can cook a plant, WeedGuardPlus helps moderate temperature spikes around plants. Because it allows the plant to breath and moderates temperature spikes it can benefit growers by extending growing regions and growing seasons. WeedGuardPlus helps reduce labor because it decomposes entirely into the soil and eliminates the need for mulch removal costs. WeedGuardPlus is made from renewable resources and can be applied with mechanical mulch laying equipment. WeedGuard is suitable for use in growing a wide variety of plants in a wide range of growing environments. WeedGuard is an excellent choice for weed control where the success of the desired plant is susceptible to nutrient competition from weeds. Made with time-release Fertilizer, Humic Acid, Calcium and other nutrient formulations impregnated into the WeedGuard. This prevents run-off and waste of fertilizers. WeedGuard is also made in pre-punched planting patterns which ensures perfect spacing for crops and saves significant amounts of labor costs.WeedGuard provides excellent weed suppression in horticulture crop production, young fruit tree, new orchard, vineyard and bramble plantings. WeedGuard is suitable for use in field applications, hoop houses, high tunnels and greenhouse growing operations. It is flexible and can be cut, slit and die cut to fit unique applications and uses (tree rings, pot tops, plant collars). It can be perforated (for easy hand-sheeting). WeedGuard can be used in soil erosion, reforestation, and reclamation projects. It is an excellent natural weed suppressant ideal for use in private sector or municipal, state and federal habitat restoration projects. WeedGuard is highly absorbent and when coated with specialized treatments can be used to deliver essential nutrients to new plantings which saves labor through automation and elimination of additional steps. Irrigation can be delivered through drip tape on top of the WeedGuard as well as below the WeedGuard (not possible with plastic). The porous structure of WeedGuard allows irrigation by above ground sprinklers, natural rain and pivot systems. WeedGuard can be used in passive bed preparation layering to control perennial weeds and help prep areas for annual plantings. WeedGuard is available in several different formulations and thicknesses. WeedGuard is available in sheets or rolls in a wide range of dimensions: Sheets from 12' x 12' to 61' x 84'; rolls from 12' width - 150' width making it highly versatile and adjustable for the application requirements.Roll lengths of 25 ft - 20,000 ft are possible.

  • General

    MasterFormat® Number32 90 00
  • Certifications and Standards

    Biopreferred® Federal PurchasingYes
  • Human Health

    % Biobased ContentCertified 100%

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