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Sansin Corporation, The Timber-Tec / timber-tec

Construction Materials
Wood and Concrete Sealers

Sansin Timber-Tec is an industrial-strength wood primer designed to protect your logs against surface discoloration and weathering - even before they leave your yard. Sansin Timber-Tec is formulated with modified natural oils and resins, carried deep into the wood by one of nature's commonplace miracles - water. As the water evaporates, Sansin Timber-Tec bonds directly with the wood substrate for long-lasting protection. Sansin Timber-Tec bonds with your logs and timber to form a protective shield that repels condensed water, while allowing water vapor to escape - dramatically improving dimensional stability and allowing wood to adjust naturally to moisture levels in the environment.Because Sansin Timber-Tec's unique formula lets wood 'breathe', it can be applied to green as well as seasoned timber. Using Sansin Timber-Tec means your logs will simply look better when they leave your yard. Apply Sansin Timber-Tec to your freshly-peeled logs and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing they will be protected from building through to shipping and construction.

  • Certifications and Standards

    Biopreferred® Federal PurchasingYes
  • Human Health

    % Biobased ContentAt least 79%

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