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Petroferm BIOACT AE-O / bioact-ae-o

Cleaning Products, Roadway Construction
Asphalt & Tar Removers, Concrete and Asphalt Cleaners

BIOACT AE-O is a proprietary blend of orange peel extracts and specialty surfactants designed to remove adhesives, asphalt, greases, mastic, oils and wax from a wide range of surfaces including concrete, metals and most plastics. This multipurpose formulation contains no chlorinated solvents, is completely biodegradable and has a fresh orange scent. BIOACT AE-O is also an ideal alternative to the chlorinated solvents traditionally used for performing asphalt content extraction tests on bituminous highway mix. Representative Product Applications:General Surface Cleaning: BIOACT AE-O can be used as a manual cleaner or as an immersion cleaner to remove adhesives, asphalt, greases, mastic, oils and wax from a wide range of surfaces. After the soils are removed, the product can be wiped down with a clean rag or rinse with water to leave a residue free surface. Adhesive & Mastic Removal: BIOACT AE-O is applied at full strength onto the adhesive/mastic surface. After 15 minutes, the softened adhesive/mastic is removed using a floor scraper. Apply additional BIOACT AE-O and use a floor scrubber or brush to loosen any remaining adhesive/mastic. Adsorb the liquid with inert material and dispose of in compliance with all applicable government regulations. Rinse the area thoroughly with water and allow ample time for drying.Asphalt & Tar Removal: Paving equipment can be cleaned by applying BIOACT AE-O, at full strength onto the surfaces to be cleaned and allowed to soak for 10-15 minutes. Rinse with a high pressure water stream or steam.Concrete Cleaning: BIOACT AE-O can be used to clean concrete by applying the cleaner directly onto the area to be cleaned. The soil can be loosed by rubbing with a rag or brush followed by rinsing with water.Asphalt Extraction: Petroferm has developed two asphalt extraction test methods that employ BIOACT AE-O. These test procedures have been used by the Departments of Transportation in many states for over 10 years. If Petroferm procedures are carefully followed, BIOACT AE-O may be used with various aggregate mixtures and asphalts to achieve results identical to those with chlorinated hydrocarbons.

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    % Biobased ContentCertified 93%
    USDA Certified BiobasedYes
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    Bio-Based Materials93%

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