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Petroferm BIOACT 108 Precision Cleaner / bioact-108-precision-cleaner

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Aircraft Cleaners, Specialty Precision Cleaners and Solvents

BIOACT 108 Precision Cleaner is a highly-refined, solvent formulated to meet the performance, compatibility and environmental requirements of the aerospace industry. It is designed for hand-wipe and immersion cleaning applications. It is approved to Boeing BAC 5750 Solvent Cleaning Specification (Revision M) as well as Boeing BMS 11-14 Solvent for Thermal/Acoustic Insulation Blanket Cleaning. BIOACT 108 is formulated to clean and degrease during manufacture, maintenance and repair operations. It is also used to prepare components prior to bonding, coating, sealing and other surface treatments.BIOACT 108 is selected when a biodegradable solvent with fast drying, excellent solvency and low surface residue is required. The lower volatility and vapor pressure of BIOACT 108 helps to control evaporation which minimizes solvent consumption and reduces total volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions. It is an alternative to acetone, isopropyl alcohol (IPA), methyl ethyl ketone (MEK), methyl propyl ketone (MPK), Stoddard solvent and other low flash point, flammable and toxic solvents

  • Certifications and Standards

    Biopreferred® Federal PurchasingYes
  • Human Health

    % Biobased ContentCertified 80%

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