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Keteca USA, Inc. Water Works Heavy Duty Industrial Degreaser / water-works-heavy-duty-industrial-degreaser

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Water Works Heavy Duty Degreaser Concentrate is a non-hazardous, water based, detergent blend that does not contain any chelating ingredients such as EDTA, phosphates or chlorinated solvents. Heavy Duty Degreaser concentrate is not soy based. Heavy Duty Degreaser concentrate’s environmentally safer advanced cleaning agents work with the power of water to remove common oil, grease, and other organic deposits by breaking through the sticky bond they all share and once these bonds are broken by heavy duty degreaser water can then wash away the grime in an environment it normally couldn’t. What about rust!?! We thought of that! Heavy Duty Degreaser has built in rust inhibitors, so your parts are protected from flash corrosion by a thin invisible layer until they are rinsed clean. Our recommended dilution ratios are a great starting point, but you may find a better dilution ratio for your cleaning method depending on a variety of factors including the viscosity and density of the material being removed. Heavy Duty Degreaser concentrate is GS-34 Green Seal certified. Heavy Duty Degreaser concentrate has met the following requirements to be certified by AQMD as a Clean Air Solvent. Find our listing on AQMD’s website. California Prop. 65 compliant. Heavy Duty Degreaser concentrate is a cleaner / degreaser designed to remove organics from any surface compatible with water. Organics (materials originating from the chemical element carbon) originate from people/animals, plants and petroleum.

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    Green Seal CertifiedGS-34 Cleaning and Degreasing Agents
    Green Seal CertifiedGS-34

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