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E.B. BOTANICALS, LLC. Green Tea and Neem Shampoo / green-tea-and-neem-shampoo

Personal Care
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Green tea and neem shampoo is a natural dandruff treatment. It bathes the scalp in a proprietary blend of essential oils of neem and tea tree oils, cedarwood, juniper, fir needle, thyme, ginger, organic herbs and green tea which help relieve itchiness and flakes and restore the scalp to a balanced state. A study done by the Dept of Dermatology, Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, Scotland showed that using these essential oils help promote hair growth. It contains no chemicals which may cause irritation. instead we use neem, a herbal remedy from the neem tree in India, referred to as the village pharmacy for its ability to help improve many skin problems. Neem is a traditional antibacterial and antifungal. Green tea is an antioxidant which promotes a healthy scalp. Does not strip hair color. Vegan. The Safe Shopper's Bible gives this green tea and neem shampoo its highest rating in the dandruff shampoo category. Essential oils of neem and green tea help relieve itching and flaking.

  • Certifications and Standards

    Biopreferred® Federal PurchasingYes
  • Human Health

    % Biobased ContentAt least 66%

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